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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Selection of granulation equipment
1. Main Material Name and Proportion: ;Molecular formula: ; 

2.Other accessories name and ratio:

3. Granulation Purpose: to improve the solubility of soluble ,Slow release ,Improve mobility ,Reduce dust flying ,
  Compressed volume ,Coating ,Coloring ,Taste the taste ,Add micrometer ,other

4.Original properties of the main material: ;Fineness: Mm (mesh);
 distribution area: Bulk density: kg/m3

5. Raw material stickiness: strong ,general ,weak ;Wettability: Good ,Still can ,difference

6. The granulation method to be used: dry roll granulation ,Boiling granulation dry ,Spray granulation dry ,Rotational granulation ,Swing granulation ,
 Screw extrusion granulation

7.Requires Finished Grain Size: Mm (mesh); content %

8.Requires Finished Product Appearance: Cylindrical ,Spherical ,Microporous spherical ,triangle ,diamond ,It does not matter

9.Whether the granulation process allows the addition of adhesives: allow ,Not allowed

10.Adhesive name ,Allowed quantity (as a percentage of the quality of the granulated material) %

11.The initial water (or solvent) rate of the material %;The final water (or solvent) rate of the finished product is required %

12.Finished product yield KG/H( T/D)

13.Whether the product needs to be synchronized dry: Yes ,No

14.Production mode: continuous production ,Gap production

15.Material requirements for equipment:

16.Equipment cleaning and hygiene requirements:

17.Budget investment for optional equipment (RMB): Million yuan

18.other requirements:


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