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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

CT-C series Hot air circulation drying oven


To explain

First, the heating source of steam, electricity, far infrared, gas and electricity for users to choose

Second, the use of temperature: steam heating 50-130 ℃, up to 140 ℃

Third, electricity, far infrared temperature 50-300 ℃, can be equipped with automatic control system or computer control system for users to choose

Four, commonly used steam pressure 0.2-0.8mpa (2-8kg / cm2)

5, with the use of electric heating by type 1 15kw, practical 5-8kw / h consumption: 5-8Kw.

Sixth, the special requirements in the order that

Seven, non-standard oven price Negotiable Industry Standard Model with power cooling area air volume temperature Dimensions

Use the temperature is greater than 140 ℃ or less than 60 ℃, to specify when ordering

9, factory factory drying car, baking disc size uniform, can be interchangeable

Ten, baking disc size: 460X640X45mm


Overview Description

CT-C series of hot air circulation oven with low noise high temperature axial fan and automatic temperature control system, the entire circulatory system closed, so that the thermal efficiency of the oven from the traditional drying room 3 ~ 7% to the current 35 ~ 45% , The maximum thermal efficiency of up to 50%. CT-C-type hot air circulation oven design success, so that China's hot air circulation oven reached the advanced level at home and abroad. For our country to save a lot of energy, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. 1990 by the State Pharmaceutical Administration issued an industry standard, unified model for the RXH.



Applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry materials and products such as heating curing, drying dehydration. Such as raw materials, raw

Medicine, Chinese medicine Pieces, extract, powder, granules, granules, water pills, bottles, pigments, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruit, sausage, plastic resin, electrical components, baking paint.



Most of the hot air in the box cycle, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation. The use of forced ventilation, the box is equipped with adjustable sub-wind board, dry material uniform, heat can be used steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, wide selection. Machine noise is small, running balance. Temperature control, easy installation and maintenance. Applicable to a wide range of dry materials can be dry, is a common drying equipment.

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