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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

QG/FG series pneumatic drier


QG series pulsed air dryer is a large batch, high efficiency of the drying equipment, which uses the principle of instantaneous drying, the use of hot air fast movement, driven wet material, the wet material suspended in hot air, so enhanced The whole drying process to improve the rate of heat transfer, through the air drying material, non-binding water can be almost all removed, and the dry material, will not produce deterioration phenomenon, the output can be significantly higher than the general dryer drying, Users in the short term to achieve higher economic efficiency.


Adaptation Material

This type of equipment, to adapt to the material more, in addition to the basic type of material mentioned, there are: sleep ketone, A.B.C intermediates, A.B.S resin,

SC, white carbon black, benzene tea pyrazolone, tea meal, oxalic acid catalyst, accelerator mdm, catalyst, precipitated charcoal, p-acetylglenzenesulfonamide, p-aminosalicylic acid, Diacylamide, titanium dioxide, activated carbon, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorite, silica gel powder, synthetic resin, calcium phosphate, polypropylene resin, chlortetracycline, sodium pyrosilicate, caffeine tetracycline , Iron oxide, calcium carbonate, corn protein, iron oxide, gypsum retarder and so on.



The bottom stiffener is unique in design, and the agitated teeth are diamond-shaped. The flow line performance minimizes the wind resistance and is set in the conical hopper, the splitting knife and the knife, the crushing effect is remarkable, and the falling caking material is rapidly crushed to be suitable for air drying Of the powder particles, stirring another major role is to disperse the material, increased with the hopper in the next high-speed hot air contact area, so the hopper area to form a strong heat transfer mass transfer fluid bed, most of the wet The hopper area is dry. As the drying progresses, the lighter and thinner material is significantly affected by the airflow, rises up with the air stream and is further dried, and finally comes out of the top of the drying tower into the material collection system.


Adaptation Material

This machine is particularly suitable for dealing with the wet material is relatively large paste paste wet material, and other air drying method can not dry the material, suitable for cake, paste, with a certain viscosity, the required product for the powder products.

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