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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

XF series boiling dryer

Overview Description

Boiling and drying, also known as fluidized bed, it is composed of air filter, heater, ebullated bed host, cyclone separator, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, console, due to the different nature of dry materials, supporting dust removal equipment , Can be considered as needed, can also choose cyclone separator, bag filter, can also choose one of them, in general, the proportion of large particles such as granules and dry material only need to choose cyclone separator, the proportion of lighter particles And powder materials to be equipped with bag filter, and equipped with pneumatic feeding device and belt conveyor for choice.

The bulk solid material is fed into the fluidized bed dryer by the feeder, and the filtered clean air is heated by the blower into the bottom of the fluidized bed to contact the solid material through the distribution plate to form fluidized heat and mass exchange. After the material is dried, it is discharged from the discharge port, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the top of the ebullating bed by the cyclone dust collector and the bag filter to recover the solid powder.

Steam, electricity, hot stove can be equipped (according to user requirements).

It is suitable for the drying of granular materials, such as: pharmaceutical raw materials in pharmaceuticals, tablet granules, Chinese medicine granules, chemical raw materials in the plastic resin, citric acid and other powder, granular materials, drying dehumidification, Food and beverage granules, food processing, corn germ, feed and so on. The particle size of the material is up to 6 mm, preferably 0.5 to 3 mm.



Roasting bed dryer can be automated production, is a continuous drying equipment. Drying speed, low temperature, to ensure product quality, in line with the requirements of pharmaceutical production GMP, steam, electricity, hot stove can be equipped with.

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