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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

DWT series Dehydrated vegetable drying machine

Overview Description

DWT dehydration dryer is based on the traditional network belt dryer developed research and development of special equipment, with a strong targeted, practical, energy efficient, widely used in various types of regional and seasonal vegetables, fruit dehydration Dry, such as: garlic, pumpkin, konjac, white radish, yam, bamboo shoots, etc., already has more than 50 users, more than 80 sets of online equipment, is the most experienced vegetable drying equipment manufacturing enterprises, factory scientific and technological personnel long-term tracking Service to these users, in-depth user debugging research, get first-hand practice information and combined with foreign advanced technology, continuous improvement and improvement of equipment, so far, has developed a third generation DWT series of vegetable dehydration dryer, we are for the user Production equipment, according to the characteristics of the required drying products, user process requirements, combined with more than 10 years of accumulated experience for the user to design the most suitable, the best quality of vegetable drying equipment.



Can meet the roots, stems, leaves, strip, lumps, flakes, large particles and other vegetable materials, dry and large quantities of continuous production, while the maximum retention of the nutritional content of products and color. Dry typical materials are: garlic, pumpkin, carrots, konjac, yam, bamboo shoots, horseradish, onions, apples and so on.



Vegetable dehydration dryer, respectively, feeding, drying bed, heat exchangers and dust fans and other major components.

Drying machine work, the cold air through the heat exchanger for heating, the use of scientific and reasonable way to cycle, so that hot air through the bed through the dry material for uniform heat and mass exchange, the body of the unit within the hot air flow in the role of the fan Under the hot air circulation, and finally discharge low temperature and high humidity air, smooth and efficient to complete the entire drying process.

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