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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

PLG series Disc type continuous dryer

Overview Description

Disc continuous dryer is an efficient continuous drying system, its unique structure and working principle determines its high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, easy operation and control, good operating environment, etc. Features. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, feed, agricultural and sideline products processing industries such as drying operations. In the use of various industries in the practice of well received. Can be divided into atmospheric pressure, sealed, vacuum three types; 1200,1500,2200,3000 and other specifications; A (carbon steel), B (contact material part of the stainless steel), C on the basis of B, increase the steam pipe , The spindle and the bracket is stainless


Steel, cylinder and roof lined with stainless steel) three kinds of materials, dry area of ​​4 ~ 180m, a total of hundreds of models of products, and can provide matching ancillary equipment to meet the user to dry a variety of materials The need.



(A) easy regulation, applicability

1. By adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the spindle speed, the number of rake arms, rake leaf type and size can make the drying process to achieve the best.

2. Each layer of drying disc can be accessed into the heat medium or cold medium, the material for heating or cooling, the material is heated evenly, the temperature control is accurate and easy.

3. Material residence time can be adjusted precisely.

4. Material flow to a single, no back mixing phenomenon, dry uniform, stable quality, no need to mix.

(B) the operation is simple and easy

1. Driving of the dryer, the parking operation is very simple.

2. After stopping the feed, the rake leaves of the material can quickly empty the contents of the dryer.

3. Through a special large-size view of the door of the mirror, you can carry out a very carefully cleaned and observed within the equipment.

(C) low energy consumption

1. Material layer is very thin, the spindle speed is low, the material transmission system requires small power, less power consumption.

2. Drying with conduction heat, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption.

(D) the operating environment is good, recyclable solvent, dust emissions meet the requirements

1. Atmospheric pressure: the air flow within the device is low, and the humidity distribution within the equipment on the high and low, the dust is difficult to float to the top of the equipment, so the top of the exhaust drain exhaust gas is almost no dust.

2. Closed type: equipped with solvent recovery device, can be easily recycled in the wet gas in the organic solvent. Solvent recovery device is simple, high recovery rate, for flammable, explosive, toxic and easy oxidation of the material, nitrogen can be used as a gas-carrying gas closed loop, so that safe operation. Particularly suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic materials, dry.

3. Vacuum type: In the vacuum state of the operation of the disc dryer, especially for heat-sensitive materials, dry.

(5) easy installation, small footprint

1. Dryer factory as a whole, the overall transport, just lifting in place, installation and positioning is very easy.

2. Due to the dry disc layout, vertical installation, even if the dry area is large, the area is also very small.



Drying Pyrolysis Calcination Cooling Reaction Sublimation (1) Organic Chemical Products (2) Inorganic Chemical Products (3) Medicine, Food (4) Feed, Fertilizer

Technical characteristics

(A) dry disk

1. Design pressure: generally 0.4MPa, up to 1.6MPa.

2. The maximum use of pressure: generally ≤ 0.4MPa, up to 1.6MPa.

3. Heating medium: steam, hot water, heat oil, drying plate temperature of 100 ℃ when using hot water heating, 100 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ with ≤ 0.4MPa saturated water vapor or superheated steam heating, 150 ℃ ~ 320 ℃ with heat Oil heating.

(2) Material handling system

1. Spindle speed: 1 ~ 10 points, electromagnetic or variable frequency stepless speed regulation.

2. rake arm: each layer of drying plate has 2 to 8 fixed on the spindle rake arm.

3. rake leaves: twisted on the rake arm, with the disk up and down to keep in touch, there are many forms.

4. Roller: easy to agglomerate and need to crush the material, in the appropriate location with roller, can strengthen the heat transfer and drying process.

(C) the shell

There are three types of atmospheric pressure, airtight and vacuum

1. Atmospheric pressure type: cylinder or octagonal prism type, there are two kinds of structure and two. The heating medium inlet and outlet main pipe can be inside the shell, also outside the shell.

2. Closed type: cylindrical shell, can withstand 5Kpa internal pressure, heating medium import and export of the main channel can be in the shell, can also be outside the shell.

3. Vacuum type: cylindrical shell, the design pressure of -0.096Mpa, heating medium import and export of the main channel in the shell.

(4) air heater

Generally used in the configuration of the induced draft fan to prevent the humidity into the host to affect the drying effect.



The wet material is continuously fed from the feeder to the upper drying pan of the upper part of the dryer, and the rake arm with rake leaves is used for the rotary motion to continuously roll the material. The material flows along the index helix through the surface of the drying disc. The material on the small drying disc is transferred to the outer edge. The material on the large dry plate moves inward and falls from the middle blanking into the next small drying pan. The size of the drying plate alternately arranged up and down, the material can be continuously flowing through the dryer. The hollow drying plate is passed into the heating medium. The heating medium has saturated steam, hot water and heat transfer oil. The heating medium enters from one end of the drying disc and is derived from the other end. Dry material from the last layer of drying plate fell to the bottom of the shell, and finally moved to the discharge of the rake leaves. The wet steam is discharged from the material and is discharged from the drain port provided on the top cover. The wet steam of the vacuum type disc dryer is withdrawn from the vacuum pump port provided on the cap. Dry material from the bottom can be directly packed. Through the addition of fin heaters, solvent recovery condenser, bag filter, dry material back mixing mechanism, fan and other auxiliary equipment, can improve its dry production capacity, dry paste paste and heat-sensitive materials, can be easily recycled Solvent, and can be pyrolysis and reaction operation.

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