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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

GFZL series Dry-method roller pressure type granulating machine


GFZL series of dry roll granulation granulator is our company according to user needs, in the absorption of foreign advanced powder granulation technology based on the elaborate development of new granulation equipment, the equipment can be made directly into the powder raw materials to meet user requirements Granular products, without adding any intermediates and additives during the granulation of the product after the uniform size, significantly increased the bulk density, at the same time, can effectively control pollution and reduce waste of powder. Design science, compact structure, simple process, easy to use, is the ideal choice for your powder product granulation.


working principle

The powdered material is quantitatively and equitably added to the main hopper by the vibrating hopper to the main hopper of the rolling main hopper, and then the powder is carried out by the longitudinal conical helix in the main material Pre-compressed and conveyed to the arc of two pressure roller slot, the two pressure roller surface evenly distributed shape of the same semi-oblate circular arc groove or diamond-shaped groove, through a pair of gear meshing drive, so that two pressure roller , Reverse rotation, the cone screw to the slot of the material bite into the slot and instantly forced compression, the material after compression with the pressure gradually reduced in its elastic and gravity under the action, from the tank off into the broken whole System, and then according to the user's particle size requirements screening, grading, to meet the quality requirements of the uniform granular products, the screen powder back to the vibration hopper recycling.



Chemical and chemical fertilizers. Chemical and chemical fertilizers. Chemical and chemical fertilizers.



● without any additives, dry granules directly granulation.

● The particle strength can be adjusted to control the finished product strength by adjusting the pressure of the press roll.

● cycle operation, to achieve continuous production.

● high yield of finished products, stand-alone production up to 2000kg / h or more (bulk density of 1.5 × 103kg / m) 3

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