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Changzhou Zhenglu town industrial area



Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

FL-P series Boiling granulating drier


● granulation in the pharmaceutical industry: tablets granules, granules granules, capsules granules.

● granulation of the food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granular fruit juice, spices and so on

● granulation of other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizer, pigments, dyes and other chemical.

● dry powder or granular wet material.

● coating: particles, pills protective layer, prepared color, sustained release, film, enteric coating and so on.


working principle

The material powder particles are in an annular fluidized state in a raw material container (fluidized bed), preheated and mixed by the heated heated air, atomizing the binder solution, and aggregating a plurality of particles into a binder Of the pellets, due to the continuous drying of hot air on the material, so that the evaporation of water in the pellets, the adhesive solidification, the process continues to repeat the formation of the ideal, uniform multi-porous spherical particles.



● through the powder granulation, improve mobility, reduce dust flying:

● improve its solubility by powder granulation;

● mixing, granulation, drying in a machine to complete one-step granulation;

● anti-static filter cloth, equipment, safe operation;

● set the pressure relief hole, in the event of an explosion, equipment personnel from harm;

● Equipment without dead ends, loading and unloading materials light and fast, rinse, to meet the GMP specification.

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