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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

What is the practicality and superiority of the sludge dryer?


Jiangsu Shengman Drying Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. Sheng Man dry for the city sewage treatment plants, printing and dyeing factories, paper mills, electroplating plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants and other sludge produced by the professional design of sludge special dryer. General sludge at 80% of the initial moisture, after drying the final water is 10% -50%, the general requirements of about 30% of sludge, dry sludge into loose powder can be mixed with coal directly into the boiler after burning, sludge Calorific value of about 1500-2000kcal or so, can save energy and re-use, and some sludge can also be made after drying fertilizer and building materials, or direct landfill will not cause secondary pollution, turning waste into treasure, can be To meet the environmental requirements, the equipment energy consumption is low, the heat source can use steam, heat oil, flue gas heating (evaporation 1kg water consumption of 1.1-1.3kg steam) with low power consumption, smooth operation, low noise, Advantages, the basic for the automatic production.

The current corporate environmental awareness is increasingly strengthened, the sludge is plagued by the development of the general problems, I introduced the company's advanced foreign sludge drying technology, combined with the actual situation of the domestic production of sludge for dryer, fully able to meet the requirements of industry customers, By more and more enterprises of the trust and cooperation, and domestic and how large, medium and small enterprises have had cooperation, our company will use superb technology to better serve you, work together to create a green land.

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