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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Excessive exploitation of rare earth prices fell within three months of three or four


Since December, the average price of rare earth varieties decreased by 30% to 40% from June. Since the second half, large-scale rare earth enterprises have cut production or cut production, but also failed to curb rare earth prices all the way down.

Reporters on December 11 from the country's major rare earth production enterprises learned that from July this year began to fall into the channel of the rare earth market all the way down, the domestic rare earth varieties generally low prices. At present, the main domestic rare earth prices are: praseodymium oxide 755200 ~ 831100 yuan / ton, terbium oxide 12136 ~ 14090 yuan / kg, europium oxide 16470 ~ 18230 yuan / kg, dysprosium 7845 ~ 8470 yuan / kg, yttria 311410 ~ 364200 yuan / ton, lanthanum oxide 123201 ~ 130200 yuan / ton, praseodymium oxide 762100 ~ 801800 yuan / ton, neodymium oxide 873020 ~ 1012000 yuan / ton.

Relevant experts told reporters that the main reason for the continuous decline in rare earth prices on the one hand is the first half of this year when the rare earth prices skyrocketed when the domestic part of the rare earth ore over-exploitation, in some areas the problem of serious misuse, resulting in market oversupply, and price inflation also inhibited the downstream separation Industrial demand, resulting in the late demand shrinking; the other hand, due to tight capital and downstream demand to reduce the rare earth prices began to gradually fall, and by the national limit of rare earth production quota, the implementation of rare earth special invoices and other policies, dealers began to sell Hoard goods, which led to accelerated decline in rare earth prices.

It is noteworthy that since the second half of the year, Minmetals Group, Baotou Steel Rare Earth and other large rare earth enterprises to stop production or production and failed to curb the downward trend in rare earth prices, relying on the integration of resources, led by large enterprises leading industry development pattern Fully formed, and regulate the industry order, strengthen the supervision of rare earth mining is still the current stable Rare earth market prices, straighten out the market operation mechanism is the key.

Although domestic prices continue to fall, but the overall price of export products remained stable, mixed with each other. This year China's first batch of general trade rare earth export quota of 14446 tons, the second batch of quota 15738 tons, the annual quota of 30,184 tons. The first three quarters of this year, China exported a total of 12,000 tons of rare earth, down 65% over the same period last year.

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