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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Analysis Report on China 's Dryer Industry Development


The domestic dryer system of conventional dryers as well as the main international market drying equipment, basically made in China, shows that the import history of the dryer in China has ended. However, there are still some problems and difficulties, according to China General Machinery Drying Equipment Industry Association predicted that the recent years, China's demand, the chemical industry will dry machine 3000 (sets) around; pharmaceutical dryer annual demand will reach 3000 ( ), Agriculture, forestry, grain, light industry and other industries, such as dryers, the annual demand is expected to reach 5000 (sets) around. At present, the drying equipment in the domestic market share has reached more than 80%

As the rise in oil prices led to higher production costs in other industries, but the face of raw material prices, we should actively respond to vigorously develop new manufacturing technology, the use of limited domestic stable raw material sources to optimize production and industrial innovation. In the development of stability, grasp the broad domestic market, do not blindly expand the scale, expand trade, in the same industry in the downturn will be stronger and stronger for future development to create the conditions.

As one of China's basic industries, the machining industry has a stable development base, and the dryer as one of them also has the same model, the dryer industry manufacturers should concentrate on the development of the industry, the economy The bubble is bound to break, only the development of the cause is the last word. The remaining funds into the dryer industry development and transformation, to strengthen the link between the industry to establish a solid industrial chain, this is the right path to the development of industrial economy. At the same time the development of machinery industry is inseparable from the support of national policy, the state of monetary policy and control of the market are affecting the development of the dryer industry source. Favorable policies will certainly bring a strong impetus to the development of China's machinery industry, financial support will also create new vitality for the development of the industry.

There are some areas where there is no dryer manufacturer in China. Highly competitive industries, some companies focus on the immediate results, do not need any system development, improve the overall quality, slow progress, seriously hindered the normal development of the industry. Technology development is not strong since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China's economic growth potential has been effectively released, the shortage of economic supply and demand has undergone fundamental changes, the initial formation of the buyer's market.

In general, China's current drying machine processing industry is still positive aspects of the negative aspects, as long as the government effectively support and promote the industry with their own reasonable adjustment, seize the opportunity, stable development, positive innovation, China's dryer industry still Will move forward steadily.

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