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Spray granulation dryer used and routine maintenance


Spray granulation dryer is an important equipment in the production process of PTC thermosensitive ceramics. The equipment is expensive, complicated in composition, easy to use and maintain. Good operation of the equipment, not only to ensure the normal production of PTC thermal ceramics, but also can extend the equipment life, reduce production costs, so the correct operation of the equipment and strengthen the maintenance is necessary.

Principle and composition of spray granulation dryer

Granulation is a very important process in the production process of PTC thermal ceramic. The quality of the pellets directly affects the appearance, mechanical properties and temperature resistance of PTC ceramic. Granulation refers to the addition of a certain amount of binder in the ground powder, evenly adjusted to form a granular powder, the powder has good mobility and rolling, so that in the tabletting process It is possible to obtain a film having a good strength and not being easily cracked. In the industrial production using spray drying granulation, the basic principle is to use the binder with powder, sprayer into the granulation tower for atomization, the tower of the droplets are hot air in the tower to dry into particles And then discharged from the bottom of the drying tower.

The pressure spray granulation dryer used by our company is mainly composed of feeding system, drying system, dust removal system, heating system and electrical system, and each system includes some related equipment.

Feeding system consists of mixing barrels, filters, diaphragm pumps and guns and other components. The finely pulverized secondary slurry is transferred from the ball mill to the mixing tank and is pumped and conveyed by the filter and then passed through the spray gun into the drying tower.

The slurry is sprayed into the drying tower by the spray nozzle to start the spray granulation drying process. The specific process is divided into three stages:

(1) slurry atomization. The slurry is pressed into the drying tower from the nozzle at a certain pressure from the nozzle. The energy of the pressure is converted into kinetic energy. The slurry is ejected from the nozzle up and down to form a high-speed liquid film. The liquid film is split into Droplets. The size of the droplets produced by the atomization is inversely proportional to the pressure, and the production capacity of the nozzles is proportional to the square of the pressure.

(2) fog particles dried into balls. The fog and hot air work in a mixed stream, and the hot air enters the tower through the hot air dispenser on the top cover. The hot air dispenser produces a downward stream of airflow, and the droplets are injected from the bottom up Air flow. The droplets are spherical due to the surface tension, and because the droplets have a large surface area, where the water evaporates quickly and dries, and eventually shrinks to form dry spherical particles.

(3) particle powder discharge. The resulting spherical granules are gradually settling in the drying tower, separated from the hot air, and the funnel cavity in the lower part of the column collects and discharges the pellets from the discharge port. The finer pellets are taken together with the dry air by the exhaust fan connected to the upper part of the funnel to enter the dust removal system. Drying towers and blowers for the drying tower are used to dry the system.

Dust removal system consists of high efficiency cyclone separator, bag filter, centrifugal fan and other components. The exhaust fan feeds the finer pellets into the efficient cyclone with the dry air. After the effective separation, the finer particles into the bottom of the separator collection tube recovery, the remaining contains a very small amount of fine particles of waste gas from the centrifugal fan into the bag filter after dust collection, to achieve the harmless treatment of waste gas, and finally Of the exhaust from the chimney.

In addition, heating systems consisting of electric heaters and glowers for hot air furnaces provide hot air for the drying tower. Electrical control cabinet and installed in the air inlet and outlet monitoring temperature of the field sensor and other electrical system composed of the entire spray granulation dryer to monitor and control the various major links to ensure the normal operation of the entire equipment.

2 daily operation and precautions

In the daily production process, the equipment should be carried out before the necessary preparatory work. First check the bearing and seal part of the connection between the various parts of the loose, the mechanical parts of the oil conditions and the various water, wind, slurry pipe port, etc. are in the desired location. And then turn on the power to check the voltage and the instrument is normal, and finally check the slurry mixing tank within the amount of slurry and concentration, etc., if the problem should be promptly ruled out.

Then turn on the blower, the exhaust fan, then turn on the heating switch to start warming. When the outlet temperature reaches the set temperature (usually about 130 ℃), start the material pump and dust removal system. When the pump pressure reaches 2MPa, open the gun to start granulation. After the operation of the equipment, should observe the atomization of the situation and the pump working conditions, if the phenomenon of blocking guns need to immediately clean or replace the nozzle. After the normal operation of the equipment, should also be regularly received, regularly check the operation of the system, record the process parameters, and pay attention to clean up the vibration filter screen.

At the end of the granulation, the heating device should be shut off first to stop the operation of the gas. Then close the gun valve, replace the gun, remove the nozzle and rinse off. When the inlet temperature is reduced below 100 ° C, the operation of the blower and the blower can be stopped. And then clean up the drying tower and dust remover, shut down the dust collector and air hammer, and finally turn off the total power to complete the production operation.

In case of emergency, must immediately shut down the equipment, should first shut down the blower and feed pump. If the sudden power outage, should pull out the gas machine, so that the tower naturally cool, and then open the sewage valve, row slurry slurry slurry, and cleaning equipment.

3 maintenance and maintenance

Granulation is an important part of PTC production process, to maintain the normal operation of equipment is to ensure the stability of PTC production conditions necessary. Regular cleaning, maintenance and maintenance will help to identify problems, solve potential failures, reduce downtime and ensure normal production stability.

Equipment for a long time or due to improper operation, some equipment will appear in the aggregate and affect the normal operation, this time to stop working for cleaning. For the drying tower to clean up the aggregate, should open the cleaning door, with a long broom to remove the funnel-shaped bottom of the aggregate, open the discharge valve, rinse the tower with tap water. Clear the dust in the cyclone, also need to open the cyclone separator, with a broom to clean the aggregate, if necessary, also need to rinse with water. For the cleaning of the bag filter, you should open the control switch, continuous beat, and then open the cleaning door, beat the bag filter, and finally replace the filter bag. For the cleaning of the slurry piping system, open the two-way filter drain valve, clean the filter screen and pipe, and then open the material pump, water material, cleaning pump tubing, regulator pack and pipe. After a period of time (usually about 600h) operation, the need for spray granulation dryer necessary inspection and maintenance. For the feeding system, should check the filters, pipes, valves, nozzles, etc., to see if there is no clogging, regular cleaning, check the nozzle wear in order to timely replacement. Should check the pump is leaking oil, whether the normal pressure, the oil level is normal and so on. For fans, should look at the shaft and the bearing is lack of oil fever, with or without vibration, noise, etc., if necessary, clean the leaves and do the proof of the wind on the proofs. For the heater, should check the heat pipe is normal, if necessary, cleaning tubing, oil pump, nozzle three filters. In addition, should also pay attention to the motor with or without heat, vibration, different sound, etc., control cabinet and electrical work is normal and so on.

In addition, the equipment is running around 2 400h (usually during the shutdown period), the maintenance personnel to be part of the equipment disintegration and maintenance.

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