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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Jiangsu Sheng Man dry vacuum rake dryer to lead the market new fashion


Jiangsu Shengman Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. vacuum rake dryer by the vacuum tank, stirring shaft, end cover, bracket, motor, reducer, control cabinet and other components. Vacuum tank: for the jacket between the wall heat transfer type, the upper part of the vacuum filter interface (connected to the mixing of stainless steel sintered vacuum filter), the material inlet (for liquid material vacuum loading), manhole (for Equipment maintenance and solid material inputs), hot media import and export, thermometer nozzle, pressure gauge nozzle and so on. General configuration for the mixing of stainless steel sintered vacuum filter, the filter shell is equipped with external heating and insulation, to prevent evaporation of the solvent condensate reflux. Filter material for stainless steel sintered filter or multi-layer stainless steel sintered plate made of the filter, removable wash, easy to clean. As the general material in most of the solvent evaporation to a certain extent before the occurrence of dust carrying peak, then the use of pulse back to the solvent recovery has little effect, so the vacuum filter often according to material properties and process requirements, configure the compressed air or Nitrogen pulse backflush, online cleaning. In the process design and equipment procurement, according to the material properties and process requirements selected vacuum filter function attributes.

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