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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Jiangsu Sheng Man dry recommended drying equipment, dryer


Various conventional drying equipment, dryer

First, the vacuum rake dryer Features:

The machine uses a large area of ​​sandwich heating, heat transfer surface, high thermal efficiency.

The machine is set to stir, so that the material in the cylinder to form a continuous cycle, and further improve the uniformity of the material heated.

The machine set to stir, which can be smooth slurry, paste, paste material drying.

Second, the vacuum rake dryer works:

This machine is a kind of novel horizontal intermittent vacuum drying equipment which is improved on the basis of the technology of Shanghai Institute of Chemical Equipment. The wet material is transported by conduction, and the scraper stirrer is used to clear the material on the hot surface, Within the formation of circulating flow, evaporation of water after the vacuum pump out.

Third, the vacuum rake dryer Application:

Medicine, food, chemical and other industries to carry out the following materials drying:

1. Suitable for paste, paste paste, powder material;

2. Require low temperature dry heat sensitive materials;

3. Easy oxidation, explosive, strong stimulation, highly toxic materials;

4. Requires recycling of organic solvent materials.

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