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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Jiangsu Shengman dry vibration fluidized bed dryer practical experience


Jiangsu Shengman Drying Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. vibration fluidized bed dryer is experienced by the vibrating motor generated by the exciting force of the machine vibration, the material in the direction of the exciting force of the role of jumping forward, while the bed input Hot air to make the material in the fluidized state, the material particles and hot air in full contact with the intense heat transfer process, this time the highest thermal efficiency. The upper cavity in a micro-negative state, the wet air from the induced fan leads, dry material discharged from the discharge port, so as to achieve the desired drying effect. If the bed into the cold or wet air can be cooled, humidification effect. Fluidized symmetry, no dead space and blowing through the current, you can get a uniform drying, cooling products. Adjustable, and adapt to the wide surface layer thickness and speed in the machine and the whole amplitude changes can be achieved even Conditioning on the surface of the material damage is small, can be used for fragile materials dry; irregular particles when the material does not affect the work effect. The use of fully enclosed structure, effectively prevent the material and air between the empty fork infection operating environment clean.

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