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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Jiangsu Sheng Man dry cellulose dryer in the future rapid development


Jiangsu Shengman Drying Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.'s cellulose dryer in the future rapid development: and hot air for full heat exchange, the larger wet material in the agitator under the mechanical crushing, low moisture content and particles The smaller the material with the rotating air flow together, transported to the separator for gas-solid separation, the finished product collection packaging, and the exhaust gas is treated by the dust removal device after emptying. Cellulose Dryer The drying chamber is equipped with graded rings and swirl pieces, fineness and final moisture, special wind blowers, reduced resistance to equipment, and improved dryness uniformity of materials. Water and fineness, through the feeding, hot air temperature, the regulation of the classifier to ensure that the product's wet content and fineness uniform. The cellulose dryer can adjust the speed of the flash dry tangent into the wind speed, adjust the size of the finished product particles, the final level of water content, in the high-speed rotating stirring paddle under the strong role of material impact, friction and shear Under the effect of decentralized, massive material quickly crushed, with hot air full contact, heat, dry.

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