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The Sanken dry single cone dryer does not exhibit surface hardening


Jiangsu Shengman Drying Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. Shengman dry single cone dryer does not appear surface hardening: the production of raw materials is more widely used equipment, which is due to the process of vacuum drying, the cylinder pressure is always lower than Atmospheric pressure, the number of gas molecules, low density, low oxygen content, and thus can easily oxidize the changes in the production of drugs, can reduce the chance of dyeing bacteria. Also because of the water in the vaporization process, the temperature and steam pressure is proportional to the vacuum drying material in the water at low temperatures can be vaporized to achieve low temperature drying, especially for drugs in the production of heat-sensitive materials. At the same time, vacuum drying can eliminate atmospheric hot air drying easy to produce surface hardening phenomenon, which is vacuum drying material and the pressure difference between the surface, under the action of pressure gradient, the water quickly moved to the surface, no surface hardening.

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