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Top Products: Vacuum rake dryer Medicinal type (GMP) oven 

Not rust, material pure thick

High yield of finished products

The whole structure is compact, small size, no dust, low noise, high quality

Low energy consumption, mobile, easy maintenance

Shengman Drying Equipment

Easy to rust, material containing impurities

Low yield of finished products

Volume is too large, dust, high noise, poor quality

High energy consumption, mobile, difficult maintenance

Ordinary drying equipment

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Carefully crafted

Industry continued advantage of the brand

Years of professional R & D and production of various drying equipment engineering and related products, continue to explore and strive to build the advantages of drying industry brand

Plant construction area of 16000m3, more than 130 sets of production equipment, the annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Can provide customers with design research and development production and sales of integrated solutions

Complete R & D team

Only to provide good products

Has three senior engineers in the dry industry, engineers and technical backbone of more than 10, is the drying industry, one of the strong technical force, and other equipment in the production of decades of experience in the production of more than 100 first-line workers, after-sales service commissioner 8 Bit

Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Good service

Let you worry, rest assured

Service is the vitality of the brand, to provide customers with one-stop service solutions

Equipment warranty period of one year, within one year after the acceptance of the equipment itself due to the quality of equipment damage, responsible for free maintenance, due to improper operation caused by the failure to collect the fee, and the implementation of 48 hours service maintenance, that is, 24 hours must answer the user's question, if not on the phone to solve, then the next 24 hours to the user site to solve the problem.

Customer cooperation

Walk into Shengman Drying Equipment

Professional production equipment more than 130 sets, the annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Jiangsu Shengman Drying Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. The factory covers an area of 16000 square meters, construction area of 4000 square meters, the existing about 25000000 yuan in fixed assets, working capital 10 million yuan, annual output value of 100 million yuan....







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