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Changzhou Zhenglu town industrial area



Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Shenlong Pharmaceutical (Changshu) Stock

Project Name: Shenlong Pharmaceutical (Changshu) Stock

Project Category: Pharmaceutical Engineering

Products used: YZG / FZG series vacuum dryer

Customer unit: Shenlong Pharmaceutical (Changshu) Stock

Case Description: Taiwan Shenlong Co., Ltd. is the parent company of Shenlong Pharmaceutical (Changshu), the largest manufacturer of APIs in Taiwan, and the world's leading supplier of anticancer raw materials. Since the beginning of the base, with high-quality products, excellent technical ability and customer-oriented professional services, the rapid development and expansion of the production of raw materials supply of international patent pharmaceutical companies and major generic pharmaceutical companies as pharmaceutical manufacturing, but also to provide new drug development company Drugs for clinical use. In addition to Jiangsu R & D and production base in Changshu, Shenlong in Taiwan Tainan Science Park also has advanced cGMP production facilities, respectively, received domestic and foreign pharmaceutical authorities, including the European Union, the US FDA, Australia TGA, Japan PMDA, South Korea FDA quality Inspection, international quality and professional services by the affirmative. At present, more than 50 countries registered in the world, more than 230 customers around the world, including the world's top ten generic drug manufacturers and a number of top patented pharmaceutical companies, the global biomedical industry, one of the important source of supply of pharmaceutical raw materials.

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